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People I follow keep reblogging that one post where the person complains about race- and gender-gating and most of their arguments are really bizarre. I mean, I'm kind of disappointed about how the DAI romances played out and I'm withholding judgment on race-gating until I see it in action, but gender-gating is fundamentally a good thing as long as it's done fairly and I don't understand how portraying a variety of sexual orientations is anti-representation and I just need to vent and aarghhh...


Let me vent as well, because there is currently nothing wrong with gender-gating or race-gating. Could there be? Certainly, but until the game has been played/seen in its entirety and it has been shown to be such, than NO, gender-gating and race-gating are not bad, anti-representation, racist things.

Some of my followers may know, but I HATE, H A T E how everyone in Dragon Age 2 was available to all genders the way they were. I love the fact they were all queer and bisexual, and they were wonderful in that way, but, but they were not made with the intent of representing bisexuals.

Bisexuality in Dragon Age 2 was used as a game mechanic, a toggle for who you could romance with your given gender. It made everyone available for a romance for convenience and fairness, not to represent the fact they were actually bisexuals. They were made so everyone had a romance and no one was upset they only got one romance of a certain gender. David Gaider has admitted to this and apologised and it is obvious in the writing that straight and opposite sex romances were tread lightly on the whole “the character is queer/bisexual aspect”. Male Hawkes were shown that Anders did enjoy men and had been with a man prior, while Female Hawkes would never know that Anders was anything more than heterosexual, when he is actual just straight-passing (which is bad, very bad in terms of representation).  When you say that you don’t want your gender restrictions, more often than not you are someone who is just upset that you can’t bang the character you want and not someone who cares about bisexuals being represented correctly. So please kindly show yourselves out and stop using representation and equality as ways to further your selfish.

Next, as for racist, race-gates. Maybe? Until the game comes out you have no idea how the race-gating is handled so sit down and think carefully for a moment. The different between racism and preference/attraction is respect. Cullen can treat the Qunari and Dwarf Inquisitors with the utmost respect, but not be attracted to them. Also given the fact the Qunari held Cullen and Kirkwall hostage at the point of a sword means a lot, of course if this reason does still make him racist, than Varric is also racist since he does not like Iron Bull for this reason. It should also be noted that the species of Thedas are like the aliens in Mass Effect, it’s a relationship that can be daunting and cause anxiety for some people (like Cullen). As for Solas it is hardly unusual for a marginalized group to stick with their own out of fear or culture shock, although I think his story will have more to do with elven artifacts, locations, or events than just wanting to bed an elf. However, should Bioware make it racist then I can assure you it will and should be addressed immediately by me and this fandom, but until the game is out please try to reserve you arguments for when you have more facts/evidence than “I’m upset that my Qunari can’t romance Cullen/Solas and let me tell you why that makes it racist.”

I love this fandom to death and I see plenty of valid points on the different matters and concerns that pop up, except they are always begin or are followed with personal opinions or what-if scenarios and you can’t win an argument that way. I don’t even plan to win the racist argument, because there are no facts for me to reference other than Cullen’s past with Qunari and that’s fine, but I guarantee you can’t win the argument either, because there are no scenes or dialogues for you to reference at this time.

A game full of characters that are written with bisexuality as a toggle is upsetting and bad, so I embrace the gender-restrictions and will always disagree with anyone who believes it is better for representation to make them conveniently bisexual anyways or think it’s anti-representation for giving everyone a voice. I will also disagree with those who decide to make assumptions that something is racist before the game is out, because you know what? I’m black and all the arguing about how racism is present everywhere in the game only after they don’t get their way with something and before the game is even out makes me feel hella uncomfortable in this fandom. You want to correct racism in a Bioware game? Don’t wait till after the character you want to fuck isn’t made available to you, to address it.


today i was in hot topic with my mom and there was a bra with Simba on it so I asked her “want a lion king bra?” she said “why would i?” so I put it in front of my chest and said “hakuna ma tatas” she had to leave the store she was laughing so hard.

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me to myself: you fucking piece of shit you will amount to nothing nothing is worth it your feelings are irrational go sleep for 22 hours




I’m sorry but I utterly DETEST this disease-ridden whore. Sob story of her past notwithstanding, she CHOSE to live the life she lives now—as a garden-variety slut.  And she can’t fight for sh*t either, but she’s good at running off when you need her.  As Shale would say:  “Hag.” 

I know, I know… I’m in the minority here, but she’s GROSS, regardless of how pretty she is. Her few funny lines aren’t enough to make her tolerable.  I either leave her out of my game altogether or, if I feel I MUST deal with her, it’s only to turn her over to the Arishok. And she escapes them?  Suuuure.

(Go easy on me, haters. It’s my first time slamming an incomprehensibly popular character on Tumblr.  Hey, I haven’t even mentioned Anora… lol)

I don’t have a problem with you not liking or hating a character or Isabela. You don’t have to like every character. BioWare characters are written to elicit a reaction from us - ideally love or hate, that’s what the devs want, that’s what they aim for. The characters that get extreme reactions out of us are the memorable ones. Years later people still argue about whether Anders is a murdering crazy terrorist or a martyr revolutionary.

I don’t have a problem with you pointing out a character’s flaws or pointing out Isabela’s flaws. She is flawed. For sure. She stole the book. She was transporting slaves. She has a selfish streak, has engaged in piracy and isn’t above squeezing coin out of people. But all the companions are flawed in some way. So are you incidentally. Their flaws are what make them realistic. Perfection is boring. They also have good traits. Isabela looks out for Merrill. Isabela can handle herself. Isabela is a riot, knows how to have fun. Isabela is confident, comfortable in her own skin, witty and clever.

I don’t have a problem with you disliking Isabela from a gameplay perspective. That’s functional. Being annoyed that Zevran can’t pick locks because the points get locked in doesn’t equate to character hate. Gameplay/story segregation should be considered here though - in the lore Isabela is a very skilled fighter, a duelist, a swashbuckler. She is a pirate captain after all. The Queen of the Eastern Seas. She can’t be blamed for poor DAII gameplay.

That aside:

1) You’re the hater lmao

2) ->

I do have a problem with you shoving the atrocities in Isabela’s past under the rug as if they were nothing. She never knew who her father was, grew up without him. Her mother was not loving or caring, something which she comments on during the game. She was sold into a loveless marriage where she was treated as a plaything when she was just a girl, for refusing to convert to a religion, by her own mother, for a handful of gold and a fucking goat (depending on the version of the story). Those things stay with people. They shape people and have lasting impacts on them. Calling it a “sob story” is reductionist. Are the past traumas of non-fictional people sob-stories too?

I do have a problem with you slut-shaming, calling her a whore and ragging on her for being promiscuous. Is that what you think of non-fictional promiscuous women? Do you think the same thing about non-fictional promiscuous men? Would you call a fictional male character who is promiscuous a disease-ridden whore and a garden-variety slut? What’s so wrong about Isabela - or any woman or any person, for that matter - sleeping with who they like, when they like? Why does it matter to you? Why does someone’s sexuality make them less worthy of respect?

fuck that noise bub 

isabela my pirate queen

Let’s not forget the years of marital and most likely pedophilic child rape.

Or the fact that she gave slaves freedom even though it caused a shit-ton of problems for her reputation, ‘business’, safety, and connections. I never liked her personality, but she is a very strong and complicated character. If your mother sold you into years of marital rape for less than a year’s salary, would you still come out with your oh-so-morally-upstanding self? Isabela earned her respect. Sure, she’s a little heartless at times, but that’s because she knows what being soft and living up to expectations gets you. And I don’t see you blaming Fenris for his attitude, or Anders for his hypocrisy. Isabela ran from the Arishok, because a part of her will always be that scared girl with no parents. So she ran, and she came back. Because she’s grown as a character at that point.

Also, the slut shaming: Totally off-point man.

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no but like has anyone ever talked about numbers of attendance for rtx cause like


this makes me really

really fucking proud

I could sit and listen to the Destiny score for ages. It’s such a gorgeous score.


Zuko and Azula versus Moses and Rameses 


man i know pacific rim is not a Holy Grail of Perfect Progressive Cinema but man is it NICE to be able to watch a big cheesy loud action movie w main characters of color and where theres no hamfistedly shoved in romance and LOADSA COOL ALIEN AND SCIENCE STUFF ……. and where i dont have to be perpetually worried about them making some kinda gross joke (looking at u transformers) and the fights are still BIG and satisfying and everyones still super hot

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